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Apex Legends Guide: Top 25 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Apex Legends is the new battle royale game from Titanfall developer Respawn. The game features a variety of different character classes, called Legends, that each has their own unique abilities. It also features a respawn system to revive your entire squad even after they’ve been eliminated from the game.


Before you dive in and get slaughtered, check out this beginner’s guide, which includes everything you’ll need to know to get started in Apex Legends.


Apex Legends beginners’ tips and things to know:


1. You’re always in a squad of 3 players – if there are fewer than 3 of you playing, you’ll be matchmade with strangers.


2. Apex Legends has a fantastic Ping system – so if you’re not a fan of voice chat, you can communicate entirely by pings instead.


3. You can mute squadmates, too – head to the second tab of your in-game inventory, and go to that player’s name, select the mute option (you’re welcome).


4. There’s also both a text-to-speech and speech-to-text function – the text-to-speech, as far as we can tell, is for PC players only. They’re found in the main menu’s settings at the bottom of the “Game Settings” under “Accessibility Options.”


5. Each match has 60 players – that’s 20 squads in total. The in-game counter in the top right of your HUD displays the number of squads and players remaining until 4 squads are left.


6. Rounds tend to last between 14 and 25 minutes – much shorter than most battle royales, thanks to the smaller player count and high mobility, combined with a seemingly smaller map than usual.


7. The indicator on the middle-left of your HUD shows when the next ‘phase’ is coming – in other words, when the circle is going to close in next and force you to the next safe area (marked in faded white on your minimap and map).


8. You drop from the ship at the start in a fixed formation, following the ‘Jumpmaster’, but you can suggest and veto other suggestions with the Ping system as you go – you can also break off and go your own way by holding the button as prompted on your UI, if you like, but we recommend sticking with your squad!


Apex Legends tips for movement and the environment:


9. Movement in Apex Legends is extremely important – so much so that, if we had to offer just one tip, it would be to keep moving. 


10. Use doors to climb even higher – old-school PUBG players will recognize this one. Open a door and wall-climb onto the top of that, and then from there wall-climb further up the wall to reach otherwise inaccessible ledges and roofs of those mid-height buildings. This is a great way to surprise people.


11. Use the big red balloons to get around the entire map faster – each floating red balloon has a zip line taking you to its top (yes, zip lines work in both directions), and from the top, you can then jetpack far across the map, as if you’ve jumped back out of the dropship. Mastering this is essential for high-level repositioning plays.


12. Footsteps, ziplines, flying and landing are all very quiet – you can land behind people (after, say, using a redeploy balloon) regularly and almost always surprise them in doing so. It seems it’s so possible because audio cues are far, far quieter in Apex Legends than other battle royales, at least in the time we’ve spent playing it so far. Surprise-redeploys are an amazing way to ambush squads!


13. All characters move at the same speed. Check out Apex Legends: Complete Characters’ Guide.


14. Put your weapons away when repositioning — if you need to move any kind of distance, put away your weapons (3 on PC, hold Y/Triangle on Xbox/PS4), which makes you move considerably faster, and get greater distance on those jumps and slides as a result!


Apex Legends combat, gear, and equipment tips:


15. Combat in Apex Legends is all about teamwork – stay close to each other communicate clearly and with good pings (hold the ping button to access a dial with a choice of them for specific circumstances) and generally think about how the three of you can attack a squad as one unit, rather than as individual players.


16. Remember to use your Tactical ability (L1/LB/Q) regularly – it’s a simple one but still easy to forget. Even Bangalore’s smoke grenade can be an absolute game-changer when used well – try firing it at specific enemies when you’re outnumbered, for instance, to let you focus on escaping.


 17. Slide-jumping is great for combat; just hopping up and down is not – you’re not in Fortniteland any more, so hopping like a bunny is going to make you a sitting duck in Apex’s rapid-fire battles.


18. The fast movement in general in Apex Legends makes getting headshots pretty difficult – it’s better to aim for the chest and upper body, with a good chance of hitting the head, than enemies’ heads themselves.


19. Damage is color-coded: damage numbers headshots are golden yellow, and then damage to bodies is either the color of the enemy’s shield (purple, blue, or white) or red if their shields are down. 20. Normally, you can use downed players to know that a squadmate of theirs is still around and a threat – but occasionally, that’s not the case, because there’s a rare item that lets you self-revive or ‘self-res’ when downed. Beware that might throw you off!


21. As is always true in battle royales, ignore downed players while their squad’s still alive! Countless times you’ll see beginners get picked off by the last enemy standing because they decided to shoot at immobilized downed enemies that can’t hurt them – don’t be them!


22. Beware that grenades need to be equipped with one button press, and thrown with another – they’re a little clunky, at least for now, so try to plan using them in advance rather than using them as a panic option, as you’ll often be left fumbling!


23. Guns are color-coded by ammo type on your HUD – look at them in the bottom right, and it’ll quickly show you what ammo you use, so you can pick it up faster!


24. Give your ultimate accelerants to Lifeline, so she can call in supply pods regularly – she should be doing it as soon as it’s available, until the late game where it’s a bit of a positional giveaway, in order to keep your squad maxed out with great gear. Ultimate accelerants help her do this faster!


25. The Hot Zone (a blue waypoint on your map) and Supply train (a moving train on the minimap) are the most frantic places to drop at the start – you also get bonus XP for kills earned in the Hot Zone, and these places typically have the best loot. 


Hopefully, this gets you off to a running, sliding-and-jumping start, at the very least. Good luck getting those whatever-they-call-chicken-dinners on this weird, vaguely Titanfall-universe planet! And come back to our Apex Legends page.

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