Apex Legends: Complete Characters’ Guide

Welcome to Apex Legends


Here you can make your way from zero to Champion in the blink of an eye. But, the journey to becoming a Legend starts with understanding who you are, which abilities you have, and, therefore, what you’re capable of.


Choose your character from the nine available heroes in the game. They are all unique, with their own stories and abilities. And you’re going to need to know each of them to succeed. So jump in and read about the Apex Legends’ heroes.



Bangalore Apex legends


Bangalore is a classic offensive character in Apex Legends and might be the best choice for a new player to the game. Using heavy weapons like shotguns with the Digital Threat scope that reveals enemies inside smoke at close range fits Bangalore’s abilities perfectly.



Shoots a projectile which provides a wall of smoke after exploding.


This is another ability which can be used in both defensive and offensive ways.


Hide in the smoke to heal yourself, revive your teammate, or loot items. Use the smoke screen to be able to retreat, and in order to move between buildings and in narrow corridors without being spotted. Also, smoke off your enemies to disorient them and make killing them easier.



Increases movement speed for a short period of time while being shot at.


This is a great ability for both offense and defense.


You can use it to successfully maneuver between buildings and in narrow corridors. In an attacking scenario, this ability helps to shorten the distance between you and your enemy very fast and lets you effectively attack him with your close range advantage.

Tip: You need to be sprinting to activate the ability; also, you will move faster if you put your weapon away.




Calls in an artillery strike over the targeted location.


One of the most powerful AOE abilities in Apex Legends. However, it has a weakness, as it doesn’t go off instantly.


Rolling Thunder occurs in three stages:
– The signal grenade throw toward the area you want the artillery to rain down on
– The marker landing in this area
– The artillery strike


Tip 1: You and your teammates are immune to your Rolling Thunder


Tip 2: Your opponents see the markers to signal the incoming artillery strike, and will be leaving the highlighted area shortly. As they leave their covered positions, it’s a perfect time to intercept them with flanking fire.





bloodhound apex legends


If Bloodhound has picked up on your location, the fight is unavoidable.


This Legend is the perfect choice for the players who love having maximum map awareness, hunting down their opponents, and suddenly attacking them.


Bloodhound’s abilities make him an excellent silent killer.



Scans the structures ahead of you and highlights your enemies and trap positions for a short period of time.  


Who wouldn’t like to know if there was an enemy in the building you’re about to enter? Bloodhound can give you that info using this ability. However, your enemies can see the emerging pulse dome, which scans the area when you activate the EYE OF THE ALLFATHER. Also, if you’re standing at the door, the pulse won’t scan the entire building. And the ability has a cooldown of 35 seconds. So use it wisely and carefully.



Reveals Bloodhound’s enemies’ tracks.


The #1 ability for tracking your opponents.


If your opponent opened a door, dropped an empty magazine, bandaged himself or revived his teammate, or even simply passed by your current position, you’ll know it. A red or grey icon will point to the place to start the chase from. And, there won’t be any place for him to hide.


This passive ability also tracks down the places where enemies were hurt or killed, their landing areas, etc.




Makes you see in black and white and run faster, highlighting your enemy in red.


Want to quench your bloodlust? Here you go. Reach your weakened prey fast and get the job done.


It’s also the perfect ability to flank your enemies or, in a worst case scenario, retreat with the added movement speed.





Gibraltar Apex legends


A shield specialist and the essence of protection and support in his 3-person squad. However, even though he’s a defensive type of a Legend, he can also deal a large amount of AOE damage with his ultimate ability. Yes, he’s a Shield Fortress. With heavy cannons though.

Tip: Gibraltar has the largest hitbox in Apex Legends.



Activates a two-sided, attack-proof, dome-shield over a limited area.


A great multifunctional defensive ability. Want to safely loot items? Go for it. Revive your teammate? Please. Heal yourself? Easy. It can also be used to assist in retreating or become an isolated (and often unexpected for your opponent) outer-attack-proof PvP arena.


But pay attention to the fact that your opponents, like your teammates, can walk through the shield. Just forewarning you, don’t be surprised.



Creates a small individual shield in front while aiming.


The Gun Shield is a great help in a face-to-face fight, which gives you an advantage if you’re a sniper. However, the protection won’t last long – it has limited durability (it can be recharged via Shield Cells or Shield Batteries though, but still keep an eye on it so it doesn’t get destroyed at an inopportune moment). Also, pay attention to flanks as the shield doesn’t provide protection on the sides.



Throws a smoke grenade that marks an area for a mortar strike.


Another AOE ability in Apex Legends. Unlike Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder, the strike happens immediately.


You can use it to deal damage, to lock your opponents in a building (as they cannot leave it before the strike ends) as you get closer, or to force your opponents out of a particular location and intercept them with flanking fire.


The mortar strike does no damage to your allies, so feel free to bombard your own positions when the enemies get very close.





Lifeline Apex legends


If you’re struggling to get kills but still want to have an impact on the game, Lifeline is the character for you. She’s a support-oriented Legend, who heavily increases the survivability of the whole team by having high healing and reviving potential. And, her ultimate is a gift from above (literally) in the late game, able to drastically turn the game on its head.



Calls out a drone which heals players in the nearby area.


A great survivability amplifier which can give you a crucial advantage.


During or in between fights, use it to heal several characters simultaneously (including your enemies, so just don’t let them get too close to your position).



Lifeline uses healing items and revives knocked down allies faster. While reviving, she activates a 180 degrees power shield in front of her.


This passive ability has a massive impact. In such dynamic gameplay, these seconds saved on healing and reviving can win you the whole game. And the shield – a luxury unavailable to any other Legend – makes reviving your teammates in the middle of the fight a lot easier. Just make sure you don’t get flanked, or, if possible, ask your teammate to crawl toward the inside corner of a building to get the maximum protection while reviving.



Calls out a drop pod with 3 battle items.


Choose a place in the open space to get the package delivered and grab the gear!


This drop from the skies can be game-changing in the late game, so pay attention to Lifeline’s ultimate cooldown.


The best option to supply a freshly re-spawned teammate with much-needed gear. Besides, it can smash an overstepping enemy – that’s a lot of fun.





Pathfinder Apex legends


Looking like a friendly Chappie robot, Pathfinder is a support-oriented Legend. Using his abilities, he’ll let your team know which location to rotate to, and will help you do this as fast as possible. So, even though he’s just a support, Pathfinder has a massive influence on your team’s macro adjustments during the game.



Pathfinder shoots a grappling hook that allows him to make it to the hard-to-reach places


Besides giving you access to the out-of-the-way places, which are the good sniper spots and are unexpected for your enemies, with the help of grappling hook, you can move across the map a lot faster than by just running. This makes the “Grappling Hook” ability very useful to quickly disengage from a fight if you’re lacking the ammo or getting hurt. Also, if you hit the opponent with a hook, Pathfinder immobilizes him and can pull him toward your team’s position.



Pathfinder connects to survey beacons placed around the map to find the next circle’s location


He’s the only character in Apex Legends able to get this information.


This ability helps when planning your team’s rotations in advance, and turning up in the right place at the right time, long before your opponents start their own rotations. This gives you additional time to secure advantageous positions, get prepared, and give them a warm “welcome”.


Tip: during your interaction with survey beacons, you are vulnerable






Pathfinder creates a zipline between two long-distance areas


A perfect tool for the whole team to execute a long-distance rotation. Reasons for that may be different: rotating toward the new circle, a sudden attack, or an urgent retreat. Try to always be aware of your opponents’ location so you don’t land in the middle of a fight or an ambush after a long flight.


Tip 1: you can shoot while on the zipline, and the kills look spectacular

Tip 2: both your teammates and enemies can use the zipline





Wraith apex legends


The most appropriate description of this Legend would be “A half-ghost with telepathic abilities”.


The nearly unlimited combination of her abilities makes it hard to define whether she is an offensive or a defensive Legend. Her passive and tactical abilities are quite obvious. As for her Ultimate ability, you’re going to need to practice it a bit to learn to use it well.


Tip: Wraith has the smallest hitbox in Apex Legends



Makes Wraith disappear (step into the void) and makes her invulnerable for a short period of time; it also slightly increases your movement speed


This is a great defensive ability. Enter the void when you need to escape or are at a disadvantage or low on HP. And keep in mind that you don’t totally disappear – you still leave a trail behind you. So, an opponent who is paying attention will know the exact place you’re going to emerge. Plus, you won’t be able to see any players or shoot while being in the void.

Tip: try to avoid using this ability for offensive purposes, as your opponents have the advantage of spotting and shooting at you first  



Turns on a voice in Wraith’s head warning that an enemy is aiming at her or that there are traps nearby


It’s great when you get the warning about being spotted by a sniper. In this case you simply use your Tactical ability and disappear from the sniper’s sight, also warning your teammates via H key to spread out and search for cover.


However, in mid/close range confrontations, this move might be incorrect, as you leave your teammates alone to fight, most likely, outnumbered.




Wraith creates two portals that allow any player to travel through


The result of activating this ability is two portals which provide any player with the teleport ability between them for 60 seconds. When the “Dimensional Rift” is activated, you move faster, until the second portal is manually set up, or Wraith runs out of charge. Those are the only two things which influence the distance between the portals.


While traveling through the portal, your speed is increased and you’re invulnerable to any damage.


It’s another ability with an escape and fast rotation potential. The whole spectrum of applying it is still yet to be found out.





mirage apex legends


The power of this Legend is in confusing his opponents. He creates real-like holograms of himself for enemies to shoot at, which gives away their positions and distracts them from shooting at the real target.



Mirage creates a holographic copy of himself to confuse his enemies


The perfect ability to find out your opponents’ actual positions without the risk of being taken down.


Just create a decoy – it will mimic your latest actions, moving toward your chosen location and drawing fire to itself. It will disappear as soon as it expires or gets hit.


Keep in mind that the decoy can only move forward and gets stuck if there’s an obstacle in its way, ruining the bait plan.



Mirage drops a decoy and becomes hardly visible when he gets taken down


It’s hard to find extreme value in this ability, as it’s active only when Mirage dies and lasts for just five seconds. And you don’t even get 100% invisibility. This aspect makes Mirage one of the weaker Legends among the “Incredible Eight”, as it’s quite hard to battle having only 2 viable abilities vs 3.




Mirage creates a set of holograms around him and activates camouflage


One of the best escape abilities to slip away from right under your enemies’ noses. Like other similar defensive abilities, it doesn’t make you 100% invisible but gives you 2-3 seconds to run away from a dangerous area.


Notice that, while being cloaked, Mirage can’t shoot or heal, but the effect of the Ultimate ability should be enough to escape.





Caustic apex legends


If you’re of a patient nature, like to play defensively and slowly, Caustic is the Legend for you. His playstyle is about trapping his opponents in tight spaces, lock them there, and make them choke on his deadly Nox gas. He also can use a gas screen in order to escape and lose a tail.



Caustic drops a canister on the ground which releases the Nox gas when triggered by enemies


The Nox canisters are a perfect weapon to set up a trap.


Leave some of them inside a room, bait your enemies there, run out of the room, and block the door with another canister. Then, throw a Nox Gas Grenade into the room, and watch your enemies choke. Or set everything in the way that Wraith’s ultimate (a portal) brought your enemies into this room.


You can also use it in a defensive way: just drop a canister at your feet if being chased. Soon, it will be activated and provide you with a gas screen, covering you from enemy sight.


Tip: canisters can also be activated by shooting them



Caustic sees his enemies through the Nox gas screen


The toxic and deadly gas for your opponents is where you can take advantage: while your enemies choke and are blinded, you have time to aim precisely, as you’re invulnerable to the gas effects.


However, you’re going to be the only one who sees through the gas screen, as it also affects your teammate’s vision and movement speed. So, be aware of your squad’s positioning so you don’t blind them and ruin the battle.  



Caustic arms and throws a grenade filled with Nox gas, which then spreads over a large area


This grenade works perfectly in combination with Nox Gas Traps.


And, even if you use it out in the open, it covers the battle area with a deadly Nox gas, creating untenable conditions for your enemies, and the perfect battlefield for you.


If your opponent still decides to search for you in this gas cloud, he gets Dealt ever-increasing damage from 1 to 10 for every second spent in the gas. Without seeing anything. Not that wise a decision, is it?


And one more thing: it takes time for Caustic to pull out the grenade, arm it, throw, and then wait for the grenade to explode. So, don’t use it if you’re getting rushed.





Octane Apex Legends guideOctane Apex Legends guide


Run. Shoot. Heal. Jump. Repeat. That’s the easiest way to describe the newest Apex Legend.


It’s like EA took three existing Legends, squashed them together, and said, “Meet Octane.” Octane has the movement of Bangalore, healing power of Lifeline, and the ability to get to hard-to-reach places of Pathfinder.


He will definitely become one of the most popular Legends. Why? Watch this!



Increases Octane’s move speed by 30% for 6 seconds, taking away a small part of your HP


Such a movement speed increase is definitely worth losing a bit of HP sometimes, especially for a character who has a built-in HP restoration ability.


This ability is a great tool for escaping, but it can also be used to attack your enemies quickly and without warning which is, generally, an effective tactic.


Sure, you won’t be covered with a smoke screen like Bangalore. But unlike her, you will be moving faster and will be able to remove her ultimate’s stun effect or run through Caustic’s gas screens without being slowed. The best thing is that this ability has a cooldown of just two seconds. It seems OP now.



Octane slowly restores health (1HP per 2 sec) while not taking damage


Swift Mend is similar to Lifeline’s D.O.C. Heal Drone but is only solo healing, which has both pros and cons.


It won’t help you survive if you’re out of the zone, as 1 HP every 2 seconds won’t be enough. But, it has no cooldown, and it doesn’t make any noise, unlike the Drone of Compassion or any healing item.


And these 1-5 HP restored during a fight while also being on the move can help you survive and win the battle you’re in.



Places a jump pad to get a significant jump boost


The Launch Pad is another ability which can be used by both allies and enemies.


Tired of fighting the people camping on the roof or on the top of the drop ship? Just deploy a jump pad and get after them!


And the jump pad is a great addition to Octane’s STIM ability to create the perfect hit’n’run combo.



Now, having acquainted yourself with all the Legends, you’re ready become a Champion. And when you’re done with the next battle, visit dreamteam.gg to get the stats on all the different heroes you play and track your progress in this hit new game.

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