badges in apex legends

Apex Legends Badges

As rewards for your efforts in King’s Canyon, players are rewarded with badges that can be displayed on their banners for everyone to see. They’re basically bragging rights for accomplishing some of the more difficult stuff in the game. We’ve taken the time to sort these badges for you by difficulty. 





These are the easiest things to do in the game- get a win, make it to level 100, get a kill or two with a certain character in the game, etc. Even the casual player should have the majority of these unlocked.




Medium_badges in apex legends


The badges above are of mid-level difficulty- getting five kills in a game more than ten times, getting to level 100 in Season 1 (Season 2 is proving much easier), etc. These are obtainable, but they require a higher skill level or more time grinding.




Hard_badges in apex legends


Each badge here is well-earned- win 100 games with a character, get 5 kills in 50 or 100 games, etc. Only the players that have stuck around for a long time and have become proficient players will have these on display. If you’re looking for more wins check out our article on the best places to look for campers.


Crazy Hard


Very_Hard_badges in apex legends


These ones are impossible for the average player to get. You have to be really, really good or lottery-winning lucky to have these on your banner- get 20 kills in a game, do 3k damage in a game, do 4k damage in a game, and in Season 1- win 50 games with 7 different legends. I don’t see these very often.




Exclusive_badges in apex legends


The badges here are mostly for Battle Pass levels and therefore require a player to have purchased the BP. The heart one was a Valentine’s Day event and was only available to players playing at that time. Season 2 also has BP level badges, and we’ll bring those to you soon.

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