Apex Legends Electrifies Fans At EA PLAY

EA PLAY kicked off today with its, now, annual press conference which was live-streamed on twitch. The live show from Hollywood, California gave the game publishing giant a chance to showcase their new games and give updates to their existing titles. But, the one that we were most excited for was, obviously, Apex Legends.


So, what did they have in store for us?



New Gun– Apex Legends will be getting a new legendary weapon in Season 2. The L-STAR is an import from Titanfall 2 and will be exclusively available in care package drops, just like the Mastiff and the Kraber. It will have “experimental ammunition and will not be able to be refilled after all the ammo is spent. One of the coolest abilities of the weapon is its door-breaking power. No longer will you have to kick down blocked doors; now, you can just shoot your way in.


New Mode– A ranked mode is coming next season as well. Players got a small taste of playing against similar level players in the Legendary Hunt game mode over the past week, but the incoming ranked setup looks significantly more well-thought-out. We’ll have the chance to progress through six tiers throughout the season, going from Bronze to Apex Predator. At the end of the season, players will receive rewards based on the tier in which they finish.



New Battle Pass– A new and improved Battle Pass is on the way as well. Battle Charge will launch on July 2 and promises to be much more challenge-based than the first iteration, which was more time-based. Daily and weekly challenges that stack will make getting to level 100 much quicker. Also, as Respawn promised earlier, badges and stat trackers are gone from level rewards. Their spots will be filled by more skins and enough crafting metals to create a legendary skin by the time you reach level 100.



A new legendary skin for Caustic (pictured above) will be called the Prince of Darkness. One is also scheduled to be released for Octane, and it’s going to be called Jade Tiger. New skins for weapons include The Intimidator for the Spitfire, and the R301 will get the same treatment as the Havoc had in Season 1. It will have two varieties of the same skin, most likely with some kind of kill-based animation changes. The given name for that one is Iron Rampage.



New Legend– Wattson was, quite possibly, the worst kept secret in gaming. Data mining from several months ago predicted a character by this name would be released in the near future. From the accent her father has in her lore video, Wattson appears to be a native French speaker. The tenth character to drop into King’s Canyon grew up in the arena as she and her father were responsible for building the ring. She’s meant to be a support character to takes advantage of her advanced electrical engineering knowledge to protect her teammates. Here’s what we know about her abilities from the press conference.


Active– Perimeter Security. She can set up electrical fences. There are 12 nodes available to her, and she can place them in any pattern you’d like. The gates deactivate when teammates go through, but damage and slow enemies that run through them. A nice bonus is that if enemies go through it pings where they are on the map.


Ultimate– Interception Pylon is the name that was given by the presenters. It’s a deployable that shoots down grenades, stops arc star spamming, and charges your teammates’ shields.


Passive– Her passive, Spark of Genius, gives her the ability to completely charge her ultimate upon consuming and ultimate accelerant, which makes them worth picking up for more than just Lifeline. Also, standing near the Pylon boost your Tactical Ability Recharge.


Meta Balance– Respawn also announced two new hop-ups. It was strongly hinted at that the Mozambique would be one of the recipients making the weapon usable. By introducing Wattson with the kit she has, they’re also trying to curb the third party meta by making stationary play more viable.



Environmental changes– The above image appeared during the final part of the show, and Executive Producer, Drew McCoy, said that there “may” be some big changes coming to King’s Canyon. We’ve seen things like this before in other Battle Royales, and it might spice up the gameplay a bit.


We can’t wait for Season 2 and everything that comes with it to hit the game on July 2.

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