Americas Minor Review

Team Envy 👍


No matter how big the dreams from karrigan’s arrival at Envy were, the team’s fans will need to wait a bit longer to see if they come true. They didn’t secure automatic qualification for the Major, taking tough losses throughout. But, it’s not all doom and gloom. They do have a final chance to qualify through the play-in, kicking off today.


We witnessed the first surprise in the group stage when Envy lost to the surprise team of the tournament, FURIA, 0:2. Later on, there was a dramatic 2:1 win vs. Team One. If I’m being honest, had Envy’s opponent been a bit more experienced, the NA-Danish team would’ve definitely failed to reach the playoffs.


The defeat to NRG, in the playoff semi-final, wasn’t that shocking. But, losing the second bo3 0:2 to FURIA in a match to decide who qualified for the Major was. Envy’s map pick, Overpass, was particularly brutal.


The team doesn’t have a lot of time, as the play-in tournament starts tomorrow, but karrigan and co. still have a chance. And they’re definitely hoping to use it well.




Another “pretender” who made it to the playoffs.


Surely felps’ departure left a gaping hole, but the team handled it pretty well.


Despite missing some crucial AWP shots in matches vs. the stronger sides, kNgV was there to carry his team. He was a beast during the tournament, he posting an incredible 1.47 K/D ratio.


As we witnessed during the Minor, even after two replacements, INTZ are capable of competing with the best teams from the NA and SA regions. And with talent like kNgV- and chelo on board there’s definitely room to improve.


eUnited 👎


The prediction about this NA team, in my Americas Minor Preview, wasn’t easy to make, but I went with the more positive one. However, the outcome that had the odds stacked against was the route I should have gone – eUnited was knocked out of the tournament without winning a single map in their two matches. To make it even worse, they played both matches vs. teams I labeled “pretenders” in group B.


In their first match vs. FURIA, in which they had the last ban, the choice between their best and one of their worst maps, for some reason only known to eUnited, went with the irrational option, and it didn’t pay off. Maybe they were feeling nostalgic about their 16:6 win over Na’Vi at IEM Chicago. Honestly, who the hell knows!?


In the second match vs. TeamOne, their pick of Cache, on which the Brazilians had almost 20% more wins, was highly questionable. eUnited had a win rate of less than 50%. They proceeded to get smashed 16:4. It was a fitting end to a minor in which eUnited fans must have been scratching their heads from the get-go.


Team One 👍


These guys pleasantly surprised CS:GO fans all over the world.


A convincing defeat at the hands of the new-look Team Envy in the first match didn’t break them, and they managed to reach the playoff decider match, where they faced karrigan and co. once again. They were one step away from stopping the NA-Danish squad on their run to the Major.

After winning the first map, they lost, agonizingly, the second one in extra time. With a 13:9 lead on the decider, they seemed to freeze up, which resulted in losing two consecutive 2v1 and 3v1 rounds. Team Envy’s took advantage of those mistakes on their way to winning the map (16:14) and the series.


It’s always a shame to lose games like that, but overall, the team’s performance at the Minor was more than satisfactory.




It definitely wasn’t a walk in the park, but the undisputed favorites of Americas Minor confidently made their way into the Major, without losing a single map during the tournament. I’m looking forward to following them in the New Challengers stage.


And, of course, congratulations to CeRq for becoming the first Bulgarian to ever qualify for a Major.




Hats off to the tournament victor! (Yeah, I know they placed 2nd, but to them, it’s the same as a victory)


The Brazilians will be one of the biggest underdogs at the New Challengers stage, but I don’t think they really care. How’d they do it? It may have been Neymar’s support during the group stage, or something else, but the team surpassed all expectations to reach the tournament’s LAN finals.


A flawless 3:0 record during the group stage was brilliant for Furia, and their only loss was to the tournament’s 1st place finisher NRG in the winner’s finals. It was an unbelievable result for this team. It’s funny to say, but they managed to upset Team Envy four times on four different maps without losing a single one!


That’s definitely the story of a lifetime. There’s nothing much left to say except: “Welcome to the to Major.”


Bravado Gaming 👎


Two-thirds of the group stage was fairly predictable and, at the same time, promising. But the last third was a disaster.


Imagine being crushed on the first map (your pick) of the playoff decider 3:16. That’s not a result you’d hope for or expect. After that catastrophe, their tournament didn’t last much longer.


The team was definitely ready with their tactics, but everything they did well was negated by the predictability of their executions.


Their smoke executions were well-rehearsed, almost perfect (even some tier-1 teams would’ve been jealous). But, at the same time, their tactics were easily read by their opponents and, therefore, countered.


And as for their individual play – it needs to be significantly improved. The thing I noticed, is that the team was lacking a strong AWP presence in the middle and at the end of crucial rounds. Sonic, whose performance should be applauded, did his best on the AK, but it just wasn’t enough.


Hopefully, Bravado Gaming can take what they did well into other tournaments. If they’re able to fix their mistakes and add some mystique to their executions, they could be a real problem for some teams.


Imperial e-Sports 👎


I wasn’t expecting a miracle, and it didn’t happen.


After the draw, it was quite obvious that the Brazilians would need to win two bo3 series, as they had to face NRG in their first match. That alone was enough to put their backs against the wall in terms of making it to the playoffs. They managed to take Inferno away from INTZ, since they’d played it almost three times more often than any other map and boasted an impressive 75% win rate, but it wasn’t enough.


If there’s a silver lining it’s that they are a young team and it’s just the beginning for them. This tournament was beneficial to them in bringing valuable experience to help them succeed in the future.

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