What Is It?


Accuracy is the skill which shows how well you shoot/how many of your shots hit your opponent.


Why Improve It?


The reason you need to improve your accuracy is simple: the more accurately you shoot, the more damage you deal, which, in turn, leads to more kills.


However, players should always search for balance in the way they shoot. Sometimes, it’s better to shoot several bullets with a low probability of hitting your opponent and hide rather than waiting forever to get your aim perfect, only to be killed because of it.


How To Improve It?


A. Start With Precise Movement First And Then Shoot in Tandem with it


The first thing you need to consider is the fact that the weapon’s accuracy decreases significantly if you’re on the move or jumping. So, make sure to stop moving completely before you start shooting.


To practice this important aspect and to get a feel for what the action of stopping actually means in-game, we recommend the following approach:


– Open an empty server with any map, e.g. de_mirage;

– Configure the server for training mode in the console commands:
     – sv_cheats 1 (Cheat Mode: On)
     – sv_showimpacts 1
     – sv_infiniteammo 1
     – cl_showpos 1 (shows your movement speed)
     – weapon_debug_spread_show 1 (works with crosshair_style 2 and 3)


– Start strafing around and try to shoot when your speed reaches zero and the square around your crosshair, which shows your bullet spread is at its smallest. You’ll, then, know that your shooting pattern is accurate. When you get how these mechanics work, switch cl_showpos and weapon_debug_spread_show to “0” and practice without the additional information.


Important: CS:GO mechanics include momentum, which keeps you moving for a short period of time after you’ve released the movement buttons. To end this effect, you’ll need to use counter-strafe and jump+crouch techniques.


*The approach to shooting SMGs is totally different; standing still and using one-tap and burst fire techniques from distance doesn’t work well. The best option is to move fast, close the distance between you and your opponent as quickly as possible, and spray him down.


As for pistols and shotguns, you should use the approach described in the following paragraph.


B. Learn To Aim Precisely


Precise aiming is a prerequisite for accurately shooting your enemy, as the first several bullets hit where your crosshair is aimed.


To improve this component, after you’re done configuring your mouse settings, we suggest using and practice on the workshop map “training_aim_csgo2” by nope.


C. Practice Different Firing Rhythms


Shooting is the final component which needs to be mastered to improve your accuracy. To practice shooting effectively, we recommend focusing on training three types of firing rhythms: one-tapping, burst firing, and spraying.


One-taps and burst fire are usually used for shooting from mid/long range and are more accurate, while spraying is used at close/mid range and is a lot less accurate. All three firing rhythms should be practiced in combination with moving and aiming.

– We recommend bettering your one-taps and burst fire on workshop maps with bots, such as
“AimBotZ” by uLLeticaL and “Training Center 1.5c” by ZooL. You start shooting bots, with everyone standing still, trying to connect as precisely as possible and speeding up along the way. When you become confident enough with shooting stationary targets, change some settings and switch from snapping to tracking moving bots with the middle of your crosshair.


– To practice your spray control, try playing on the workshop map called “Recoil Master” by uLLeticaL. This training map provides you with the flipped and reversed spray pattern of a particular weapon, so you know how to manage your crosshair correctly to hit the target. Follow the colored dot with your crosshair while shooting to send the bullets straight into the target. Though you might not spray all thirty bullets in-game that often, the knowledge you’ll get of the weapon’s spray pattern will be crucial.


Your spray control is going to be more accurate if you implement a technique brought into CS:GO back in 2015 by NiP’s GeT_RiGhT, which is called crouch shooting. The point of this technique is that you can spray and handle the recoil easier while being on the move (not that fast though).


Improving the whole spectrum of skills which directly affect your accuracy, practiced in a setting where you get punished for your mistakes, can be achieved on DeathMatch servers. The next step is going to be implementing the groundwork you’ve laid into practice games.


If you follow these instructions, you will definitely increase your accuracy. But, keep in mind that improving a single skill while ignoring the rest won’t bring you to the top. Becoming a Pro in CS:GO is about mastering a large set of hard and soft skills, such as positioning, cooperation, utility usage, communication, etc. If you develop all of these, you’ll be on your way to becoming the best.

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