Patch notes league of legends

9.7 Patch Notes

As usual, Riot Games have announced the upcoming changes to the game shortly before upgrading the live servers. Although some people may get upset, these are all I’ve dreamed about.






— Reverted the last rework. We felt bringing a double-shotgun wielder back into Marksman would make the most sense.




— Base AD damage lowered by 4. We believe this is the right way to address her post-9.6 rise.




— Players under 100 games are now warned against chasing Singed. For users above 100 games, the first death to chasing Singed results in a permanent pop-up reminder.




— Removed from the game. Ironic: he could windwall the nerfhammer for others, but not for himself.




— Spell Thief no longer has a cooldown or requires you to walk up to the shard. This is our first step to addressing her 46.5% win rate in ranked.






— Boots are now only purchasable by characters with two feet. Champions that don’t fit the criterion may purchase a sack that gives half the movement speed for double the price. Santa says you haven’t been nice this year.


Mikael’s Crucible


— From now on, it removes all types of CC, including suspensions. This is an experimental change to address the lack of impactful active items for Supports.


Trinity Force


— Can now be stacked up to three times.


Upcoming Skins & Chromas


— Definitely Not Thresh



— Mario Teemo by He-st



— Meteos Sin


Patch notes league of legends




As you guessed from the 4 AD nerf to Kayle (5 is the only probable number), these patch notes are not really authentic. Still, subscribe to our blog and receive actual guides for the other 364 days in the year.

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