5 Useful Inferno Flashbangs B site as CTs cover

5 Useful Inferno Flashbangs: B Site As CTs

The StarLadder Berlin Major has been taking most of our attention. But there’s always room for content that will help you improve in CS:GO. That’s what we’re here for 🙂


This article is dedicated to five simple and useful flashbangs on the B site of Inferno as CTs, which will not only help you to hold the execution but counter-attack effectively as well.


And away we go!


Flashbang #1 


To throw it correctly:


– Stand in the pot boost area in the rake corner and look toward CT spawn

– Set your crosshair onto the edge of the lowest branch of the tree

– Make one step forward

– Throw your FB with LMB while on the move



This popflash is perfect to counter a B-site execution. Throw it and run backpedal to pick any Ts entering the site. Just like Markeloff once did 🙂



*Note: usually there will be a smoke lying in the CT position, but the risk of running through the smoke is worth it. 


Flashbang #2 


To throw it correctly:


– Stand between the 1st and 2nd box in the corner, looking toward new box

– Set your crosshair on the left vertical black belt right under the third cylinder from the top

– Throw your FB with LMB



This is another anti-rush flashbang that will stop the Ts in the square in front of the B-site from entering the bomb plant area. Using it in tandem with Flashbang #1 from your teammate can be a deadly combination for your opponents.


Flashbang #3


To throw it correctly:


– Stand on the right of the wooden desk on the wall behind coffins

– Set your crosshair slightly below the overhanging part of the roof on the right

– Throw your FB with LMB



…and another one 🙂 Throwing this FB will help you pick off opponents entering the B site from coffins.



Flashbangs #4 and #5 are used for both offensive (aggressively securing banana) and defensive (retreat from sandbags) plays. Coordinate these flashbangs with your teammates. Don’t worry, both combos are simple, just do everything like this:


Flashbang #4.


To throw it correctly:


– Jump up coffins

– Set your crosshair onto the top of the “T”-shaped antenna

– Throw your FB with LMB



This combo is mainly applied in the middle of the round. While you prepare your FB, your teammate stands at the corner and listens to the noise in the car/wall area (or tries to pick the correct timing). As soon as he hears the noise (or the timing is perfect), you throw your flashbang, he picks the corner.


Flashbang #5


To throw it correctly:


– In the pot boost area, press against the wall’s corner on the right and look toward banana

– Set your crosshair slightly to the right of the place where the roof meets the wall

– Throw your FB with LMB 



In the “aggressive” scenario, this flashbang is mainly used at the beginning of the round to pick logs and banana start. The player who has the spawn closest to banana throws his molly toward logs and secures car, while Player 2 supports him with this flashbang. 


The defensive scenario for these flashbangs is for a “Save mission”. By throwing them, you can help your teammate retreat from sandbags if he got trapped there without utility.


Hopefully, you found these tips useful 🙂 Come back to our blog next week to get another injection of knowledge which will help you get better at CS:GO. And, while you wait, check out all the other educational and fun content we’ve already got for you. Stay tuned for more at DreamTeam.gg. Later.

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