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Weapon Attachments: Stocks

5 months ago

We’ve all been running around King’s Canyon, “scootin’ and lootin” when we stop to think, “why do I need weapon attachments”? What do they actually do and is it really worth it to pick up anything better than the basics. Today, we’re going to explore stocks to find out exactly what they do for you.


First off, there are three/four tiers that you can find throughout the map: From worst to best, it goes grey, blue, and then purple (gold stocks can only be found on full gold versions of weapons). This same tier structure can be found throughout the game’s loot system. The description is a bit ambiguous, so we’ll try to clear that up today.


“Quicker handling and aim drift reduction” is the text you can see when you look at a stock in-game. Well, what does that mean exactly?


What they DO-


* Weapon Sway reduction– This isn’t very noticeable up close or at mid-range and will hardly even be noticeable with iron sights or 1x scopes. But, if you plan on sniping and want to have your crosshairs lined up on a particular position in the distance, you’ll definitely be able to notice a huge sway reduction going from no stock to purple.


* Weapon Swap speed increase– With every Apex player able to carry two weapons, swapping to your second rather than reloading can be the difference between winning a fight and coming up just short. Swapping has a couple of components to it (weapon raising, weapon lowering). If you have one gun with a stock and another without, the raise and lower time will only positively affect the weapon with the attachment.


The raise and lower times decrease as your stock tier increases: Grey- 15% reduction, Blue- 25% reduction, Purple- 35% reduction


What they DON’T do-


* They don’t decrease reload times at all.

* There’s no movement speed increase.

* Stocks don’t boost your ADS (aim-down-sights) movement speed.

* There’s no change in sprint-out time, which means stocks don’t help you start shooting faster after coming out of a sprint.

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