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Weapon Attachments: Barrel Stabilizers

5 months ago

For newcomers to FPS games, the idea of needing to practice spray control to decrease the impact of recoil might be something new. It adds another layer of skill to separate the good players from the great.


So, what do we mean by “recoil”, and what does that entail in Apex Legends? Recoil is the kickback a gun experiences after firing a round, which generally shifts the shooter’s aim away from where the first bullet was fired. This creates a certain level of inaccuracy and is especially noticeable in automatic or burst-fire weapons. In Apex, if you’re not able to get that barrel pointing in the same place after your first shot, you will have trouble downing your opponents.


While firing, you’ll notice that both vertical and horizontal recoil occur at different severities depending on which weapon is being fired. There is also an element of randomness that obviously can’t be compensated for. To keep your aim centered, there are four different tiers of stabilizers available to loot in King’s Canyon.


Here’s what each of those does to help you hit more shots. The first number is the percentage reduction to base recoil and the second is the percentage reduction to random recoil.


WhiteVertical: 10%, 20%; Horizontal: 10%, 10%


BlueVertical: 15%, 25%; Horizontal: 15%, 15%


PurpleVertical: 20%, 35%; Horizontal: 20%, 25%  


GoldVertical: 20%, 35%; Horizontal: 20%, 25% (plus a significant muzzle flash reduction)


With all this information, what are the real world results? Well, it seems that most weapons don’t see much of an improvement with barrel stabilizers at all. Semi-auto weapons like the Scout or Hemlok don’t have a significant reduction in recoil at all, and the popular R-99 sprays almost as wildly with the gold stabilizer attached. The R301 does see a marked improvement though for some reason, and the Spitfire is far more enjoyable to use with the reduced muzzle flash that the gold stabilizer provides.


So, you’ll need to practice your spray control if you want to win more Apex Legends games, no matter how lucky you are in your looting endeavors. If you do see one, it never hurts to attach it, but don’t go out of your way to upgrade as the risk probably isn’t worth the negligible reward.

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