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The Real Reason Why Pit Was Buffed

4 months ago

Preface: All of these data were collected before the Legendary Hunt Update, which supposedly gave Pit 2x more loot.




– Before the buff, landing in the High Desert was, on average, much better than landing in Pit

– Gold items have an insane 80% drop chance in the High Desert

– Pit has a higher probability of giving blue and purple items but “high tier” doesn’t seem to matter when it comes to gold loot

– Land according to your playstyle rather than relying on the tier of loot that could be available as it seems, at least in some cases, to not really matter.

– Guns are more important than anything else in the first 15 seconds after landing, and “high tier” loot zones like Pit don’t appear to have a greater quantity of them, nor superior quality guns such as the R301, R-99, Spitfire, Wingman, Peacekeeper, or Longbow.

While the majority of players leave the dropship bound for one of the “high tier” loot areas, you may find yourself reconsidering following the crowd in just a few minutes. With so many videos of people finding laughably-dense, gold loot and hundreds of drops in and around the Pit Area of King’s Canyon, I decided to take the anecdotal nature of highlight videos as well as my own notions and test them out.

The Theory


My theory was that the High Desert, an area located just outside of Pit, actually was a much better place for squads to drop into at the beginning of a match than the “high tier” Pit area itself. The High Desert is unmarked as a loot zone, and the assumption is that unmarked zones have the lowest quality of loot. I chose these locations for four important reasons.


Landing zones in apex the pit


1. They’re on opposite ends of the loot-tier spectrum (high to unmarked). – I wanted to know if being labeled as one tier or another actually made any difference to what I could find and these two being extreme opposites was appealing.


2. Their proximity to one another. – This was done because whenever I think someone is going to beat me to the ground in Pit, whether because of poor flying or leaving the drop ship too early, I default to High Desert as do many others in my experience.


3. My experience of these places being relatively low-traffic more often than not. – This was a time-saving tactic, meaning that I could get the data I needed without having to reset every other drop due to enemies landing with me.


4. They have a similar amount of loot. – I wanted the choice of landing in Pit or the High Desert to be binary. It’d be easy to choose one over the other if the amount of total loot were vastly different.


Landing zones in apex legends avg


The Method


To put this idea to the test, I dropped into Pit and the High Desert 30 times each. (As a side note, a sincere apology goes out to all the squads I abandoned during this testing.) I was doing it for science.


Once on the ground, I went to every spot in the area which had loot and recorded from the time I landed until the last item had been found. After quitting out, I rewatched the clips and recorded the data in a spreadsheet, with all loot categorized by tier, with ammo and guns being the exceptions. The average backpack from High Desert (including a 2-3x better chance of getting a backpack at all) is (was) vastly superior to the average backpack from Pit.


Interesting Takeaways

– If you land in the High Desert, you have an 80% chance of finding, at least, one gold item. That’s not a typo. 80%!!!

– If you land in Pit, there’s a 60% chance that a minimum of one person will get purple armor. There’s almost a 0% chance of all three squad members getting purple armor.

– There’s a 100% chance of all squad members getting two guns if the team lands in High Desert. Compare that to only a 10% chance for all team members having both weapon slots filled when landing in Pit.

– You’re almost five times more likely to land in Pit with another team than you are in the High Desert. At least one other team landed with me in Pit 28.5% of the time while I was joined by enemies in the High Desert only 6.25% of the time.



What conclusions can we draw from this? First, until the buff was added with the Legendary Hunt Update, Pit was a far worse place to land than High Desert. Since guns are easily the most important thing to pick up immediately, getting two for each teammate is superior to getting a purple shield on just one squad member. Second, if you’re looking for gold items, you have to land in the High Desert. It’s highly unlikely that any other place on the map could give you better than 80% chances of finding at least one. There must be an error in the code of the game to give golds at such a high rate.


Pit was buffed to make it a reasonable high-tier loot zone to land in, because up until today, my squad members and I were starting in High Desert, filling our inventory to the brim and then going in to wipe out the squad that had only managed to find a P2020 and Mozambique and were just holding onto our purple armor for a second.

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