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DreamTeam Rating Apex Legends

5 months ago

We’ve all had that age-old argument about who’s better at a video game. Your friend insists that he can dominate you in King’s Canyon. A random player who was placed on your squad keeps talking about how many wins he has. An enemy dances (or worse) on you after you’ve been downed because he thinks he’s better. So, how can we really understand who’s on top and who’s trying to get there? The DreamTeam Rating for Apex Legends is the answer.


dreamteam apex legends rating

When you look at your stats, you don’t only want to know the numbers; you want to know how you compare to other players. With the current trackers that are available, we’ve calculated the importance of each one to showing skill and put them into our formula.


At DreamTeam, we want to get the most accurate ratings we possibly can, so we focus on the stats that matter when it comes to skill level. As more and more trackers become available, we’ll include others that have a substantial impact on skill level, like wins per match. Without going into the formula in too much detail, here are some of the most important things that go into figuring out who’s #1.


dreamteam apex legends rating


Damage Per Game– This stat is critical in determining many different factors. If you’re doing tons of damage but your teammates are last-hitting your enemies, you shouldn’t be punished for that. With our rating, putting up high damage numbers per game will help push you to the top.


dreamteam apex legends rating


Kills Per Game– Although damage is important, the ultimate goal of the game is to kill all the other players in the game. So, “kills per game” has to go into figuring out where you stand. The logic works when you consider that in the majority of games where a person has a significant number of kills, his damage numbers are high and his team finishes relatively high.


dreamteam apex legends rating


Experience– Your level is always calculated, without even needing to equip a tracker. The fact that this variable is constantly updated and that there is, generally, an increase in skill with experience, has led DreamTeam to include it in our Rating calculation. Its weight is considerably less in the formula as a level 50 player who’s playing their first shooter may not be as good at Apex as a veteran of FPS games who just installed the game a few days ago. For your Rating to be accurate but also give you an early idea of where you stand, you must play 20 matches to get a Rating for a specific legend and 50 to get an overall Rating.


The more trackers you have equipped, the more accurately your DreamTeam Rating will reflect your real skill level. So, we’ve included a small percentage increase to the Ratings of players who have equipped them all. Kills, headshots, damage, and matches played are the trackers that players need to equip on their legends to get the most accurate Rating possible.


It’s important to note that your rating can fluctuate, as it’s not only based off of your performance but how every other registered DreamTeam user is doing. This is done so that players know when they need to step up their game to get back to the top.


To check out your rating and other Apex Legends stats, head on over to Grab your favorite legend or legends and start climbing the DreamTeam Ratings today.

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