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Apex Legends: Apex Stats And How They Work

7 months ago

Why can’t I see all of my stats?


Viewing Apex Legends stats can be a tricky thing. Not being able to see your stats may be due to one of the following reason:


Default Legend


DreamTeam tracks stats for the Legend that you currently have set as your default Legend. In addition, can only show the stats that are currently attached to the Legend’s banner. However, is able to save and show all previously tracked stats regardless of whether that stat is currently connected to the Legend’s banner. What does that mean? Well, the Legend that you have set as your default Legend is the Legend that you see on your screen when the game launches.



In order to see your statistics for the other Legends, you must:

1. Launch Apex Legends
2. Click on “Legends” and select your new Legend



The newly selected Legend will now be set on your default banner and the stats for that Legend can be updated on


Don’t forget that you can manually refresh your stats by clicking the “Refresh” button on



Legend’s Banner


At the current moment, will only track the following stats:

– Kills
– Damage
– Matches
– Headshots
– Kill as the Kill Leader
– Wins with a Full Squad
– Revives
– Top 3
– Season 1 Wins


Follow these steps to attach or unlock those stats:

1. Select a Legend from the Legend screen
2. Click “Banners” and then “Tracker 1.” This will show a list of possible stats.

3. Select the stat you want to display on your banner. If the stat is locked, you will have to unlock it. More on unlocking stats later in this article
4. Do the same thing for “Tracker 2” and “Tracker 3”


Please keep in mind that will only show the updated stats that are currently on a Legend’s banner. However, the Leaderboards will continue to show stats that have since been replaced with another stat.


For example, if you have the headshot statistic on the banner and you have 36 headshots, that statistic will be shown on If you replace the statistic with the wins statistic, the wins statistic will be shown on along with the headshot statistic. However, the headshot stat will remain at 36 even if you continue to get headshots. To update the headshot stat on, you have to place the headshot stat back on the Legend’s banner.


Unlocking Stats


In order to unlock a stat, follow the exact same steps as above and click on a locked stat. You will be asked to craft the new stat.



Click the “Craft With” button and, boom, the stat is unlocked. The stat is ready to be placed on the Legend’s banner and displayed on


Let us know if you have any question by contacting us:

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