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Apex Legends: Wraith Guide

7 months ago

Brief overview


Wraith is one of the nastiest legends in the game. She excels at close-range fights and survives most contacts pretty well despite lacking any tank or healing abilities.



Tactical ability: Into the void


Makes Wraith disappear (step into the void) and makes her invulnerable for a short period of time; it also slightly increases your movement speed


Passive ability: Voices from the void


Turns on a voice in Wraith’s head warning that an enemy is aiming at her or that there are traps nearby


Ultimate ability: Dimensional rift


Wraith creates two portals that allow any player to travel through




*Wraith has one of the strongest tactical abilities, Into the Void. She disappears to another realm which makes it possible to avoid a nasty grenade or bombardment from Gibraltar and Bangalore. Flanks and quick repositions in fights around buildings work well, too.


*Wraith is a great survivor thanks to her small hitbox. In fact, it’s the smallest in the game: Lifeline may appear tinier, but she actually isn’t. Trying to shut Wraith down with a sniper rifle is very frustrating.


Credit: SookieSpy


*Wraith provides for the team well without relying on it. The passive, Voices from the Void, lets you know about enemies aiming at you. With a simple tap, you may relay the warning to the team and make them look for the sniper and/or alter the current pathing.


The ultimate ability, Dimensional Rift, works for both solo and team adventures. You may place a portal to help teammates catch up after looting, join you in a great spot or recover the banners yourself.




*Into the Void leaves a trail that enemies can you to trace you. The ability actually puts you at a disadvantage when fighting in the open. There is no way to see enemies while in another realm, but they are ready to shoot at you the moment you return.


*Portals may backfire as well because enemy squads are able to travel through them, too. The ultimate lasts one minute, so it’s totally possible to die to an unexpected flank while trying to set up one yourselves.


*Wraith doesn’t have a damage ability, so you’ll still have to rely on your aim to slay enemy squads. If you are not that great at shooting, the abilities than enhance CQC won’t help you win.


Best conditions


Wraith thrives at a short range, where a well-timed Into the Void may throw the opponents off guard. The same with portals that may give you a great jump on the opposition. Playing with friends is not essential but extremely helpful, as all the abilities work best when you coordinate them through voice chat rather than in-game prompts.


Avoid using if…


*You don’t like fighting up close. Into the Void is still useful for a sniper, but I’d still prefer a Wraith on my squad to lead the charge.


*You can’t shoot well, as you’re going to be the first to die.


*You haven’t learned the map yet, as it hinders Dimensional Rift potential.


If you want to see whether you’re ready to have a positive impact as Wraith, check out our leaderboards. If it reveals that there’s some work to do, catch up with the latest news and our wiki to progress faster.




*Both Into the Void and Dimensional Rift increase your movement speed. Activate both for risky portals or desperate escape attempts.


*Downed teammates may still enter the portals, so sneak up a portal exit next to the body to save your friend. Alternatively, start a portal next to the body and jump off the high ground to create a gap. The second solution is risky if you’re the only one alive, as an enemy jumping into the portal will most likely catch you while reviving.


*Into the Void protects you from the damage from the zone, which may make the difference between surviving and dying to a poorly-timed rotation.


Legends synergy


*Bangalore’s smoke may be used to conceal the location of the first portal. It is used best while attempting to escape, as enemies are actually going to waste some time before possibly following. She may also place her ultimate at where you’re exiting so that enemies arrive in hell.


*Gibraltar’s dome may secure your Dimensional Rift escape, as enemies that are not next to you can’t finish you off. His ultimate may be used at the exit point in the same manner as Bangalore’s.


*Caustic’ traps are a good way to greet the chasers, too. Set them up at the second portal and then throw some grenades in—good hosts never cheap out on flaming welcome shots.


After playing a few games with all tricks and synergies in mind, it’s time to have a look at the Wraith leaderboards. Hit this link to find out how superior you are to the clueless players.




*Wraith was voiced by Shantel VanSanten. However, she is best known for her screen work in The Flash and Shooter.


Shantel VanSanten apex legends guide


*Wraith has the only bonus heirloom set in the game, which is an extra bonus to regular drops from Apex Packs. The chance to get the package is less than 1%, but we’ve got a lucky owner here on DreamTeam.




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