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Apex Legends Tips & Tricks- What I Know Now After Reaching Level 100

6 months ago

From 0-100. If I were talking about a new car, there wouldn’t be a whole lot you could learn in that timeframe. But, in Apex Legends, as I hit level 100 and reflected, there were so many things that I had figured out, on my own, with the help of friends, or from total strangers on the subreddit dedicated to Respawn’s popular Battle Royale.


Here’s a look at some of the things that I know now which would’ve been extremely helpful when I first downloaded the game.


* The gold backpack is the best item in the game. If you’re playing Lifeline, it’s so powerful that you can out-heal the damage taken from being outside the final ring. So, if you’re on your own versus a full team and got a significant number of med kits, you’ve still got a shot.

Lifeline + Legendary Backpack + 20 medkits = Win from apexlegends


* If you’re barreling toward another person on a zipline, you can time your jump to knock them off, bounce off their head, and then keep on going.


*  If you pick up an extended mag for your weapon, you’ll need to reload that gun to get the extra rounds.


* If you have two weapons that use the same attachment, e.g. a barrel stabilizer for an R301 and a Spitfire, it’ll go on whichever weapon you have out. If you want it to go on the other, you’ll have to go into the menu and change it over.


* There’s a noticeable difference between Lifeline and map care packages. You can hear that the Lifeline package drops much faster than a map one.


* Shield cells and syringes don’t take as long as you think to refill. Use them whenever you can to give yourself a better chance at winning the fight you’re in.


* Care packages will instakill you, not just down you.


I misunderstood the "Care Package Kills" tracker from apexlegends


* A care package can also never land on a supply ship. It goes straight through.


Mythbusters: Care Package Vs. Ship from apexlegends


* It doesn’t matter which teammate picks up the banner. Either teammate can respawn your downed friend at a respawn beacon.


* Stocks help you switch weapons faster.


* There’s no need to ping armor that your teammates already have. You can see which tier of armor they’re wearing by checking the bottom left corner of your screen.


* Skull Town is an overrated drop spot. It has only mid-tier loot and the number of people that land there can set off an audio bug that makes the game unplayable. Find a high-tier loot zone.


* Unless you’ve got really good spray control or you’re great at up-close fighting, don’t bother with the R99 until you’ve got a decent barrel stabilizer and extended mag.


There’s still so much to learn in this game, and getting to the top requires constant improvement. Check out to see how you stack up against the competition on our Apex Legends leaderboards, and check back often for more helpful guides.

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