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Apex Legends: Pathfinder

6 months ago

Brief Overview


For my money, Pathfinder is the most mobile legend in Apex Legends. It’s not because he’s super fast horizontally, although he can be at times. It’s because he dominates the Y-axis like no one else in the game. Because people are used to scanning the horizon for enemies, very few do a good job of seeing attacks from above coming. This fact alone makes Pathfinder an absolute nightmare to deal with. That, and his hitbox seems to be nonexistent in Patch 1.1.1.





Pathfinder shoots a grappling hook that allows him to make it to the hard-to-reach places




Pathfinder connects to survey beacons placed around the map to find the next circle’s location




Pathfinder creates a zipline between two long-distance areas




– Super mobility both horizontally and vertically

– Insider Knowledge can be the difference between setting up the ambush and being ambushed

– Can get to impossible-to-reach places for any other character

– Kit is built for the best highlight plays in the game




– An unskilled user of Grappling Hook has as much chance of killing himself as he does making an amazing play

– His passive requires you to know the map well and land near beacons to take advantage of it


Optimal Conditions


– Pathfinder excels in towns that have multi-story structures.

– Get to the high ground and rain down fire on your enemies

– One of the few Legends in the game that is geared toward camping and sniping


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Avoid Using if…


– You don’t know the mechanics of his grappling hook, as you’re likely to get yourself into trouble

– You prefer being out in the open.




– Grapple ziplines to give yourself a head start getting to the next location.

– With the gold helmet on (for faster skill recharge), you can grapple from zipline to zipline almost endlessly.

– Jump off of structures and grapple from underneath, you’ll be able to swing back up and start attacking once again.


Legends Synergies


– Octane can boost Pathfinder to even more unreachable spots on the map by using his jump pad.

– Pathfinder works well with all legends, because he’s a support character by design. He can help any team’s mobility when attacking or escaping. Did you just hit a few snipes on an enemy and know he’s really hurt? Zipline over and put him down while he’s trying to heal.


Fun Facts


– Pathfinder is on his own personal quest to find his creator and hopes competing in the Apex Games will get his/her attention.

– Chris Edgerly, who did the voice of Pathfinder, is credited with an appearance as “Animator” on The Simpsons in 1989.


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