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Apex Legends: Octane Guide

7 months ago

Brief overview


Octane is the first post-release Apex legend, and he fits the game better than most initial characters. In a battle royale about aim and speed, he is 95/95.





*On average, Octane is the most mobile legend in the game. He gets to be faster than usual most of the time, and then there is his gap-closing ultimate.


*Octane is slippery due to both extra speed and his hitbox size. The legend is too new to have confirmed measurements, but he seems to be a bit bigger than Lifeline—the second smallest champion behind Wraith.




*Octane is the best champion for hot drops, as he outpaces everyone in the rush for weapons. Remember the awkward situations when you and an enemy were after the same gun, but he was one step so you were about to die immediately? With Octane, it’s your foe who dies.


Octane also passively regenerates HP, which is good for early fights. Fewer med breaks mean more time for shooting.




*His ultimate, Launch Pad, sounds better than it is. There’s nothing extraordinary about the jump, and you’d want to have an extraordinary ultimate in a game with two active abilities per legend.


*Octane requires constant resource management, where you try to juggle between moving fast and staying healthy. It distracts you from looking for enemies and shooting them. Also, the heal from his passive isn’t very useful in combat, since you only regenerate while you’re out of a fight.


Best conditions


Octane works best at medium distances, where his extra mobility enables him to dodge a lot of shots. Both of his active abilities benefit aggressive teammates (not always the case while playing solo), though he is capable enough to fight on his own.


If you want to measure your performance as Octane, take a look at our leaderboards. Once you’re happy with your progress, rush to the top with other legends!


Avoid using if…


*You are not into strafing and bunny hopping.


*You are not good at multitasking




*His Stim costs 10 HP, but it can’t knock you down. When chased and about to die, it’s better to get the boost and avoid getting hit by that final shot.


*Launch pads support both legends and objects. Throw grenades and even ability projectiles for creative angles.


*Much like Wraith portals, pads can be used by a downed champion. Throw one under a wounded ally to bail them out.


Apex legends Wraith portals


Legends synergy


*Launch pads are good toppings to the main course from other mobility legends. Throw one next to the end of Pathfinder’s zipline to move further or launch him into the air so he can grapple to otherwise unreachable areas. If you place a pad on top of Wraith’s portal, the exiting legends are slightly disoriented.


*Gibraltar’s dome enhances Octane’s ult just as well as Wraith’s. If placed around a launch pad, it protects your allies as they flee from a bad fight.


*Octane boosts rescue missions by Lifeline. Thanks to the huge range on Launch Pad, she may revive an ally or pick up a banner and then bounce back to a safe position.




*Octane was voiced by Nicolas Roye. His most prolific work came from voicing multiple characters in Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures as well as Shingo Tsukino for the dubbed versions of the Sailor Moon anime adaptations.

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