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Apex Legends: Mirage Guide

7 months ago

Brief Overview


Mirage is a true master of misdirection. His game is all about making your enemies look one way, give their position away, unload half of their ammo so that you can catch them out and take them down. If your playstyle is making your opponents look and feel foolish while you shoot them from behind, Mirage is the legend for you.




Mirage creates a holographic copy of himself to confuse his enemies



Mirage drops a decoy and becomes hardly visible when he gets taken down



Mirage creates a set of holograms around him and activates camouflage





* With his Psyche Out ability, Mirage is able to draw enemy fire without putting himself in harm’s way. This is an incredibly powerful tool for getting the locations of your enemies without risking your own skin.


* Best quips in the game, hands down. They are “extrav, Extra-vagant, extravagant”.


* You get a slightly increased chance of surviving a knockdown without being finished off with his passive, meaning teammates have a few extra seconds to get to you while you’re still holding on, rather than just retrieving your banner. This is really only a strength if you’re near a ledge or door, otherwise it’s a pretty useless passive.




* Doesn’t actually possess true invisibility, as he can be seen quite easily if there’s any light in the area.


* His passive only activates when knocked, and since you can barely moved while knocked, you actually stay quite close to the hologram, making it easy to find you even if the enemy was duped at first.


* His ult is decent, but you can shoot or heal while you’re invisible, which makes repositioning really the only reason to use it.


Optimal Conditions


* Mirage is best used in attack mode. Send out your decoy, get an enemy’s location, and get to killin’. If his friends converge on your position, ulti out and reposition.


* Mirage is excellent in areas with a lot of cover. His decoy can be used offensively or defensively, and you’ll be able to rotate without being spotted if you deploy it correctly.


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Avoid Using if…


* You’re 1v1 against a Bloodhoud, since your decoy won’t mean anything to him once he’s activated either his tactical or ultimate ability.


* You’re not used to spamming your abilities. His decoy should be used as often as possible to be as effective as possible.




* Mirage’s decoys, unfortunately, don’t interact with any other Legend’s deployable. That means you can’t send him through a portal or off a jump pad, which is criminal in my opinion. That’d be the ultimate fake-out.


* Try to send Mirage’s decoy the opposite way that you’re wanting to go. Don’t just send it out and then follow right behind it.


* If you’re hot dropping, send out the decoy before you hit the ground to get your enemies to waste their limited ammo on it rather than you.


Legends Synergies


* Mirage works really well with Bangalore as he can send his decoys out of her smoke. He also does well with Lifeline, but almost everyone works well with her.


Fun Facts


* Mirage’s mom encouraged him to join the Apex Games. What great parenting!


* Mirage is voiced by Roger Craig Smith who’s the man behind the voices of Captain America, Kylo Ren, Sonic the Hedgehog, Batman, and so many other huge names in video games.

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