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Apex Legends: Lifeline Guide

7 months ago

Brief Overview


Lifeline is currently the only medic available in Apex Legends and, as a result, is an extremely popular Legend. Her healing abilities can be the difference between life and death. Because Lifeline lacks offensive abilities, she is best utilized with other players. Be sure to protect yourself so that you can heal your teammates.



Tactical Ability: D.O.C. Heal Drone


This calls out a drone which heals nearby players. The drone can help you survive in crucial moments. Keep in mind, the drone can also heal enemies, so don’t let them get too close.


Passive Ability: Combat Medic


Lifeline uses healing items and revives knocked down allies faster than any other Legend in the game. While reviving your teammates, she activates a 180-degree power shield that protects both her and the teammate being healed.


This passive ability has a massive impact. With such dynamic gameplay, the seconds saved on healing and reviving can be the difference between winning and losing. The shield, a luxury unavailable to any other Legend, makes reviving your teammates in the middle of a fight a lot easier.  


Ultimate Ability: Care Package


This calls out a drop pod which contains three battle items.


Choose a place to get the package delivered and grab the gear. This drop from the skies can be game-changing late in the game, so pay attention to Lifeline’s ultimate cooldown.




* She has the ability to heal herself faster than others and has the fastest revive in the game.


* Lifeline’s Ultimate is perfect for players who have just respawned. It can provide a couple of decent items in the event that there isn’t any loot around.


* Ultimate Accelerant can help her out a lot. Most Legends don’t greatly benefit from it so there is often an abundant amount around.


* Lifeline has the 2nd smallest hitbox, after Wraith, making her a smaller target and more difficult to hit.




* She doesn’t have an escape. If you find yourself trapped in a firefight without cover, you are basically out of luck.


* Her Ultimate gives away the team’s position almost immediately. It is best not to use it if you know another squad is in the area and think they don’t know your position.


* Winning with Lifeline often requires cover. If there isn’t any, helping your teammates can prove to be more difficult than with other Legends.


Optimal Conditions


* Make sure that you play a bit behind your teammates and around plenty of cover.


* Playing with Legends that have abilities that offer cover.


If you want to check your performance as Lifeline, take a look at our leaderboards. Once you’re happy with your progress, climb to the top with other legends!


Avoid Using if…


* You prefer rushing in and getting into intense firefights.


* You like to run off on your own. Your teammates rely on your tactical ability.




* Ask your teammates to crawl toward the inside corner of a building before reviving them so you have 360-degree protection.


* If you are well armed, call the care package to a location and then quickly go somewhere else. It might trick a team into going to that location, giving away their location in the process.


Legends Synergies


* Bangalore’s smoke provides the perfect cover for reviving teammates.


* Gibraltar can provide a shield if there is no cover nearby.


Fun Facts


* Mela Lee, who is the voice of Lifeline, voices characters on a number of animated series, films, television shows and video games.


* Lifeline’s real name is Ajay Che.

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