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Apex Legends: Gibraltar Guide

6 months ago

Brief Overview


Makoa Gibraltar is the only real “tank” in Apex Legends. His lore states that he’s a “gentle giant with a rebellious side” and that the sacrifice his father made in saving his life made him into a person who is dedicated to helping others. His abilities are all support-based, and a skilled Gibraltar can be a good addition to any squad.




Activates a two-sided, attack-proof, dome-shield over a limited area.



Creates a small individual shield in front while aiming.



Throws a smoke grenade that marks an area for a mortar strike.




* He’s got great CC with his Defensive Bombardment as it affects a huge area and the mortar shells explode immediately upon impact, making it superior to Bangalore’s.


* His active, Dome of Protection, is one of the best in the game. It has a variety of uses, and when deployed with Defensive Bombardment, can turn the tide of any fight.


* He can tank a bit of damage for teammates with his passive. If he aims down the sights, he can absorb 50 HP worth if hit in the torso.


* Provides a safe-ish place to heal or revive in the middle of battle




* He has the biggest hitbox in Apex Legends. At release, it was over two times larger than Wraith’s, making him an easy target to hit.


* He is extremely immobile, with no abilities to increase his MS.


* Calls everyone “brudda”, even the female members of his squad. 😉


Optimal Conditions


* Gibraltar has the advantage when fights happen in open spaces. His Dome acts as cover for you and your team and his Defensive Bombardment guarantees some space to operate and hopefully some damage to the enemy team.


* Your team is all in comms and actively staying compact.


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Avoid Using if…


* You’re in a squad with randoms as they’ll most likely be too far away for your abilities to matter.


* You’re not comfortable healing and reshielding in battle. There’s a high probability that you’re going to be hit more often than your teammates, so being able to know when to drop your Dome and get back your HP and shields is vital.




* If you’re backed up against a wall with nowhere to go, aiming down the sights of your gun can buy you a bit of extra time by absorbing a shot or two that was destined for your body.


* When being shot at from a distance and trying to flee, activate your Dome behind you. This ensures that you won’t be able to be hit from behind.


Legends Synergies


* Lifeline and Gibraltar, together, give the safest possible environment to revive a downed ally. A double or even triple shield (if Gibraltar’s full shield is between you and the enemy) gives Lifeline enough time to get an ally up even if the enemy is charging.


* Bangalore and Gibraltar can synergize their ults to create a massive no-go area or activate them one after the other, giving them enough time to fully heal up, revive a downed teammate, or loot.


Fun Facts


* Gibraltar has a boyfriend. In his lore, he was riding a motorcycle with him when they were trapped in a mudslide. His father lost his arm trying to save him. (not sure how fun that fact is but it’s interesting).

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