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Apex Legends: Caustic Guide

6 months ago

Brief Overview


Caustic is one of the characters that’s locked when you first load up Apex Legends. You can unlock him with 12,000 Legend Tokens or with 750 Apex Coins, which would set you back about $10.


The former scientist, Alexander Nox, who worked with pesticides was developing new chemicals for Humbert Labs, needed to test his creations on living organisms, which angered his boss. After a confrontation in the lab, the boss was dead, Nox went missing, and Caustic was born.




Drop Canisters that release deadly Nox gas when shot or triggered by enemies.  



Allows you to see enemies through Nox gas.



Blankets a large area in Nox gas.




* If you’re playing Caustic or have him on your team, you’ve got a constant advantage in tight quarters.


* He’s able to see through his Nox gas. It’s almost like having a Digital Threat scope on all weapons.


* Gas Traps can be left behind to warn you and your team that someone is on your tail. When the gas trap goes off, you can see the damage numbers.


* He can block doors and exits with Gas Traps, so multiple entrances to a building can be removed to leave just the one you and your teammates are aiming at.




* Caustic has the 2nd biggest hitbox of all the Legends, making him only slightly harder to hit than Gibraltar.


* All of his abilities are almost totally useless out in the open. His ulti will do almost no damage and you either have to be extremely precise in your trap placement or be playing against players who don’t understand what the traps are for them to have any effect.


* The traps can be shot at the bottom and destroyed to render them completely harmless.


Optimal Conditions


* Land in Bunker, build a home there, start a family there, and hope that the ring lands your position over and over.


* If you’re not fighting in a confined space with Caustic, you’re doing something wrong. Find enemies hiding in a building, block their escape with Gas Traps, open the door, fire your Gas Grenade in, close the door, and watch them die.


If you want to check your performance as Caustic, take a look at our leaderboards. Once you’re happy with your progress, climb to the top with other legends!


Avoid Using if…


* You love being on the move. A Caustic caught out in the open is at a massive disadvantage against ALL the other legends.


* Landing at a place other than Bunker is on the agenda. All the greatest Caustic highlight clips have come from there. In fact, I’ve never seen an amazing one of Caustic that wasn’t there.




* Even if a door is blown off, you can still block the entrance with a Gas Trap. Kill some enemies in a room, and leave their death boxes unlooted. Hide and wait for another team to come by to loot them, trap them inside and ulti. Repeat again and again.


* If you’re up against a Bangalore and she uses her Smoke Launcher to try to get away or heal up, toss in a Gas Trap. If it goes off, you’ll get vision through the smoke without needing a Digital Threat.


Legends Synergies


* Put the two biggest toons together and it actually works out well. You can dominate with Gibraltar and Caustic in the right situation. Putting a Gas Trap inside of a Dome of Protection when you need to heal up makes it highly unlikely that anyone will rush in to try to finish you off.


* Bangalore and Caustic can synergize their actives and their ults to create an area that becomes unsurvivable for anyone caught in it.


Fun Facts


* Caustic is voiced by JB Blanc, a Frenchman who has done extensive work in Marvel’s anime world. His most recent work was in Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny.

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