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Apex Legends: Bloodhound Guide

6 months ago

Brief Overview


Bloodhound is a bit of an enigma in Apex Legends. Even the gender of the character is labeled as “non-binary”. With that in mind, and no preference for an assigned pronoun given to us by Bloodhound, we’ll use “they” as their identifying pronoun throughout this guide.

As one of the best hunters on the frontier, rumors about Bloodhound only add to this legend’s tale. We do know that they call on Old Norse gods and has a strong connection to Iceland, at least linguistically.




Scans the structures ahead of you and highlights your enemies and trap positions for a short period of time.  



Reveals Bloodhound’s enemies’ tracks.



Makes you see in black and white and run faster, highlighting your enemy in red.




* It’s really tough to hide from Bloodhound. With tracking abilities to see where you came from and where you were going up to a minute after you’ve left the scene, Bloodhound makes it really challenging to not be found.


* They can avoid Caustic’s traps before entering an enclosed area.


* Bloodhound is the ultimate warning system. Red tracks mean very recent activity, while grey tracks mean people were around a while ago.


* Bloodhound’s ultimate makes it possible to see enemies through Caustic’s gas or Bangalore’s smoke.




* While their ultimate is generally considered pretty good, the black and white screen that shows up makes it impossible to tell what color of armor your enemies are wearing. Hopefully, this will be patched soon, but for now, you could be shooting at someone will full gold armor and not even know it.


* Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather is visible to the people being scanned. So, Bloodhound’s team gets slightly more precise info regarding the whereabouts of their enemies, but the other team still knows that there are players nearby.


* The scan is also limited in both time and size. You’ll only see a quick blip of the enemy outline before it fades away and you’ll only be able to see them if you’re pointed at them or within about 90 degrees.


Optimal Conditions


* Bloodhound works best with teammates who are all in voice chat with each other. Knowing when the Eye of the Allfather is being activated allows your allies to be looking the right way, so that they don’t miss the info.


* Bloodhound can be used as an excellent distraction. They can scan the area and then shoot through walls or provide covering fire or ‘nades while their team closes in to secure the kill.


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Avoid Using if…


* You aren’t speaking with your teammates. Bloodhound’s best characteristic is the intel that they can provide to their teammates.


* You are a passive player. Bloodhound is best used while hot on the trail of an unsuspecting target. If you’re just sitting back, looking to snipe, you’re not getting the info that your team desperately needs.




* Pick up shields and armor while in your ultimate, so you can always believe that you picked up a gold one. You won’t know that it’s white until your ulti ends, so at least there are a few seconds of hopeful excitement.


* Use your active or ulti any time there’s a Mirage around. Bloodhound turns Mirage into a character with 0 useful abilities.


Legends Synergies


* Bloodhound works well with all the other characters, but my favorites are Wraith and Bangalore. With Wraith and Bloodhound on a team together, enemies will almost never be able to sneak up on you. Both have early warning systems.


* Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher and Bloodhounds ulti are a match made in heaven. Smoke a room and activate your BH. You should come out on top 100% of the time.


Fun Facts


* Bloodhound is often seen with a raven which is most likely an ode to Odin’s ravens, Huginn and Muninn, who sent important information back to the Norse god.


* Bloodhound is voiced by Allegra Clark who has also done work for Mass Effect Andromeda and Dragon Age Inquisition.

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