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Apex Legends Attachment Guide Magazines And Optics

5 months ago

If you’ve ever played another FPS or know anything about guns, you know exactly what optics and magazines do. And, they do in Apex Legends the same thing they do in real life. Optics let you magnify things to see them more clearly from a distance. Magazines increase the number of rounds you can fire before you have to reload.


All light and heavy weapons can have an extended magazine. Here’s how each tier affects each gun exactly. Energy weapons and shotguns have no way of upgrading the number of rounds they can fire before reloading at this time. So, there’s no way to get a 12-shell Peacekeeper, unfortunately.



With optics, only certain scopes can go on certain guns. That means that you won’t be able to attach a 6x sniper scope to a P2020. With a good scope, you’ll be able to clearly see your opponents from further away than you otherwise would be able to. Many players think that the more advanced scopes are extremely helpful with accuracy. But, beware, your ability to move your gun quickly left or right will be diminished with more powerful scopes. Here are all the guns and the scopes that can be added to them.



Magazines and optics are now in the books. Check out our other attachment articles like barrel stabilizers and then dive on into King’s Canyon better prepared.

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