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Apex Legends: 25 Things You Need To Win

7 months ago

Apex Legends is obviously a banger in the world of Battle Royale games, and Respawn’s attention to detail is one of the key reasons for its success.

This game combines PUBG, Overwatch, and Fortnite, with a little bit of MOBA flair and has become an absolute goldmine of tips, tricks, and small things that can make a huge difference to your chances to win.

Here’s a walkthrough of what we’ve found, going from basic tips for Battle Royale newcomers to the advanced stuff you may not know about yet.


1. F*ck gravity. You are invincible.


There’s no fall damage in Apex Legends, so you can jump as far and as high as you like. BUT! There is still a way to die instantly —  you can fall off the map. Landing after a long fall will cause a brief stun to occur to your Legend.


2. Knocked, but not useless.


If you lose all your health with teammates left standing —you will be “knocked”; you can crawl, ping, and use doors. You are able to revive teammates before they bleed out and hold the Interact key. The time to bleed out is 90 seconds at first, but decreases to 60 seconds if you’re knocked again.


3. Use a Banner to get another chance to win.

If your teammate bleeds out or is otherwise killed, you can get their Banner from their loot, and use it to revive your dead teammate at one of the Respawn Beacons. Respawning at a Respawn Beacon resets the time it takes to bleed out back to the original 90 seconds. Teammates are free to loot you while picking up the banner.


4. Golden items are the best.

Gold items have unique perks. For example, Gold Knockdown Shields give you the ability to self-revive; and Gold Sights allow you to highlight enemies through smoke. Gold Gear is exactly the same in terms of stats than Purple Gear. A Gold Body Shield gives the same 100 shielding as a Purple Body Shield. The only difference is the unique perk each piece of Gold Gear has.


5.  Sorry, Gibraltar.

All the characters in Apex Legends have differently-sized hitboxes(Gibraltar HitBox Meme Alert). Some Legends are easier to hit than others. Wraith and Lifeline have the smallest (best) hitboxes, while Gibraltar and Caustic have the largest (worst). Check out our article about all Legends.


6. Jump! Slide! Jump! Slide!

Jump-sliding is usually the fastest way to move in Apex Legends. To jump-slide, simply sprint to build up some speed, then slide, and jump before you start to slow down. Just imagine that you are the Silver Surfer and slide.


7. All characters have the same movement speed.

All characters have the same movement speed. They only appear to move differently as the speed of their arm animations varies.


8. Keep moving or die looting.

The Golden Rule of Apex Legends is — keep moving or die looting. Never ever stay stationary, both in your build and in terms of your destination on the map. DO NOT CAMP. Clear areas one by one with your team. If you’re looting something, press A/D or Left/Right not to let your enemy take dead aim on you.


9. Sound is important.

As with almost every other FPS game, Apex requires a good pair of headphones. Listen for steps, gunfire, and any other sounds that expose nearby enemies.


10. Turn on the damage figures in the Settings Menu.

These numbers are color coded, which will show the Body Shield of your enemy. They will turn gold when you hit a headshot, and you’ll also hear a special sound when you are headshot or when you break through the enemиy’s Body Shield; so keep your eyes and ears open.


11. Attack is the best defense.

The advantage in Apex Legends generally goes to the more aggressive side – to whoever finds the other team first and starts the fight. Jumping into a fight between two other teams is also extremely effective as they are usually distracted. If you’re in a tough spot, focus on changing up your position and healing. Evaluate your chances, and don’t commit to a fight you’re likely to lose.


12. Doors are NOT invincible.

You can block doors by standing in front of them. Still, doors can be destroyed with two melee hits or by using explosives. You can also shoot the door handle with a Heavy Ammo weapon and open it from long range.


13. Ultimate Accelerants for Lifeline

If you find Ultimate Accelerants, they MUST ALWAYS go to Lifeline. Lifeline’s Ultimate has the slowest recharge time in Apex Legends and provides the most reliable benefit to your team during a match.


14. Strafing can save your life.

Learn “A/D spam” or “strafe spam” effectively — not standing still while shooting during your battles. Moving slowly or predictably makes you an easy target. Commit to practicing your aim, and learn to shoot effectively while running.


15. Bunny hop in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends offers you the Bunny Hop by jumping every time you hit the ground while sliding. This is the fast way to move, but it’s best used for healing because it makes your hitbox very small and weird.


16. Helmets are a lie in Apex.

Helmets reduce TOTAL damage, NOT headshot damage. There were some discussions about it being the other way round, but that’s not accurate. They reduce total damage by 10%/20%/25%. Don’t believe us? Try it!


17. Reload trick is real.

Reloading when there is still ammo in your magazine is, mostly, faster than full reloads (reloading when your magazine is completely empty).


18. Don’t reload — switch.

Switching weapons is quicker than reloading. It’s almost always better in close-quarter combat to switch to your other weapon rather than reload your current one.


19. Never ever ignore healing.

In 99% of all hectic battles, you HAVE time to heal; you need only a few seconds. You can keep fighting as you heal up. A single heal matters —  it can win you a fight or even a game.
Extra tip to develop: this one: keep small shield/syringe on 4 for combat use and activate big shield/med kit/phoenix through inventory.


20. Default FoV = clean shots.

The range markers on long-range scopes are accurate UNLESS you have changed your Field of View in your Settings menu to anything other than 90. So, if your range markers seem to not work properly, your FoV settings might be the reason.


21. Tweak your game a bit.

Out of game, you can add command line arguments to Apex Legends to do certain things (for example, “-novid” stops the EA and Respawn intro videos from playing when you load up the game, and “+cl_showfps 4” displays your FPS and Frame MS during games).

Apex Legends


22. Animation can be negated.

You can negate the switch animation by crouching after switching weapons and make the process SIGNIFICANTLY faster. This is a HUGE benefit during fights.


23. Land among the first, finish as a champion.

Right before landing at the beginning of a match, level out so that you’re flying as horizontally as possible, then slide at the end. You will get a massive speed boost which is awesome for getting an extra bit of distance quickly.


24. Backward sliding = forward sliding.


You can slide backward as quickly as you can slide forward, allowing you to retreat quickly without taking your eyes off the enemy.


25. Teamwork is always good against a door.

Use teamwork to destroy doors. You might be aware that destroying door takes two melees, so coordinating a synchronized strike will allow you to get the surprise effect for your enemies who were expecting two hits.


So, this ends our first edition of things you need to know to win in Apex Legends. We showed you some basics and some really OP stuff which can help you become a champion.

Here at DreamTeam, we now show your stats on the different heroes you play, helping you understand how far you’ve climbed on our leaderboards and, obviously, creating our Apex Wiki.

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