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Apex Legends Tips & Tricks- What I Know Now After Reaching Level 100

From 0-100. If I were talking about a new car, there wouldn’t be a whole lot you could learn in that timeframe. But, in Apex Legends, as I hit level 100 and reflected, there were so many things that I had figured out, on my own, with the help of frie...


Apex Legends: Gibraltar Guide

Brief Overview ; Makoa Gibraltar is the only real “tank” in Apex Legends. His lore states that he’s a “gentle giant with a rebellious side” and that the sacrifice his father made in saving his life made him into a person who is dedicated to helping o...


Apex Legends: Caustic

Brief Overview ; Caustic is one of the characters that’s locked when you first load up Apex Legends. You can unlock him with 12,000 Legend Tokens or with 750 Apex Coins, which would set you back about $10.   The former scientist, Alexander Nox,...


Apex Legends: Bloodhound Guide

Brief Overview ; Bloodhound is a bit of an enigma in Apex Legends. Even the gender of the character is labeled as “non-binary”. With that in mind, and no preference for an assigned pronoun given to us by Bloodhound, we’ll use “they” as their identify...


Apex Legends: Mirage Guide

Brief Overview ; Mirage is a true master of misdirection. His game is all about making your enemies look one way, give their position away, unload half of their ammo so that you can catch them out and take them down. If your playstyle is making your ...


Apex Legends: Bangalore Guide

Brief Overview ; Bangalore is a professional soldier in Apex Legends with a great passive, an excellent utility ability, and a fairly weak ultimate. She’s an easy character to use because of the similarities she has with characters in other first-per...


Apex Legends: Lifeline Guide

Brief Overview ; Lifeline is currently the only medic available in Apex Legends and, as a result, is an extremely popular Legend. Her healing abilities can be the difference between life and death. Because Lifeline lacks offensive abilities, she is b...


Apex Legends: Wraith Guide

Brief overview ; Wraith is one of the nastiest legends in the game. She excels at close-range fights and survives most contacts pretty well despite lacking any tank or healing abilities.   Tactical ability: Into the void   Makes Wraith disa...


Apex Legends: Octane Guide

Brief overview ; Octane is the first post-release Apex legend, and he fits the game better than most initial characters. In a battle royale about aim and speed, he is 95/95.   Strengths   *On average, Octane is the most mobile legend in the...


Apex Legends: Map Guide

So you heard that a game was downloaded 25 million times in its first week. It must be good right? You download it. Looks cool. You click around a bit. Check out the legends, the armory, and the store. You go through the training. Run. Slide. Shoot. ...


Apex Legends: 25 Things You Need To Win

Apex Legends is obviously a banger in the world of Battle Royale games, and Respawn’s attention to detail is one of the key reasons for its success. This game combines PUBG, Overwatch, and Fortnite, with a little bit of MOBA flair and has become an...


Apex Legends: Apex Stats And How They Work

Why can’t I see all of my stats? ; Viewing Apex Legends stats can be a tricky thing. Not being able to see your stats may be due to one of the following reason:   Default Legend   DreamTeam tracks stats for the Legend that you currently ha...


Apex Legends: Weapons Guide

The game begins with you and your team barreling toward the ground at high speeds along with every other team. So, after safely landing, and with the objective to kill everyone you see, you go in search of weapons. But, how do you know what you shoul...


Apex Legends: Complete Characters’ Guide

Welcome to Apex Legends ; Here you can make your way from zero to Champion in the blink of an eye. But, the journey to becoming a Legend starts with understanding who you are, which abilities you have, and, therefore, what you’re capable of.   C...

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