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Huge Legend Nerf, Small Weapon Nerf Headline The Voidwalker Update

With the most recent update for Apex Legends coming out just about an hour ago, it wouldn’t have been crazy to think that getting a new mode, a new town takeover, and some purchasable cosmetics was going to be the center of attention. That might be true for some people. 


The shotgun/sniper mode brought lots of (vital) balance changes to loot and has the potential to be something really fun. The town takeover is kind of out in the middle of nowhere, near the Shattered Forest, so that area will undoubtedly get more foot traffic over the next few weeks. And the cosmetics for Wraith, including a unique character selection animation, which I couldn’t see on my first two attempts with the new skin because all the characters were invisible, might be worth it to some people. The decrease in price that players were clamoring for after the Iron Crown Event happened, but the quality of the skins is also much lower. You get what you pay for folks.


The thing that I think will have the most drastic impact on the game is the massive nerf to Wattson, which will shift the meta in ranked. Before this update, if you were in the higher levels, the Frenchie was almost a must-have for your team to be a threat in the late game. But with this update, she just got flattened like croissant dough.


She’s now considered a small character, which means she’ll have the same 5% bonus damage that Wraith and Lifeline suffer. We’ve seen Lifeline basically become non-existent in competitive play because of it and Wraith only survived because her abilities give her insane movement speed and invincibility. That alone wouldn’t disqualify Wattson from a squad, but the nerf to her ultimate, making it so that she’s only able to have one Interceptor active at a time makes camping so much harder. These two hits to Apex’s newest legend could cause players to reconsider their team compositions. If there aren’t as many Wattsons running around, you can be sure that Caustics will be on the endangered list as well. We might see a return to the run and gun style of Season 1 very soon.


The Triple Take also fell victim to Respawn’s quest to make all energy weapons worse than their heavy and light ammo competitors. With a width increase in the spread, you can be sure that very few people will use the energy rifle to snipe if they have any other alternative. 


Anyway, we’ll see what happens, but here are the rest of the patch notes from the developers:




Read the full breakdown of the themed Voidwalker Event here. TL;DR and patch notes below:




A mysterious research site has been unearthed in Kings Canyon that was used as part of Project: Wraith, including a functioning prototype portal.





Complete a variety of challenges to earn exclusive skins and Wraith-themed content. All challenges and rewards will be limited to the 2 week event.





New Event Limited cosmetics including the Wraith Voidwalker Legendary skin for 1,800 Apex Coins. Additional themed cosmetics are included ranging from 500 to 1000 Apex Coins.


–  Double XP for Top 5 and Wins Weekend


   – From 10:00 a.m. PT on September 6 to 10:00 a.m. PT on September 9, players will earn double XP for Top 5 finishes and wins.  This bonus will affect both Account Level and Battle Pass progression.


– Limited-Time Mode – Armed and Dangerous


– Shotguns and Snipers only

   – Enabled Guns: Mozambique, Peacekeeper, EVA-8, Longbow, G7, Triple Take

– Attachments not used by Snipers or Shotguns are disabled

– Gold variants of weapons spawn in High Tier loot zones and in airdrops

– Kraber and Mastiff loot values are tuned so they spawn in late-game airdrops and very rarely as ground loot (1-2 per game each)

– Reduced Armor

   – Disabled Loot: Armor (Blue/Purple/Gold), Helmets (Blue/Purple/Gold)

   – Spawn rate for Common Armor and Helmets is reduced.

– Ground Loot Drop Chances are reduced by 45% (Supply Bins are not affected by this)

– Bullet Counts and Stacks are modified

   – Light Rounds: 16 per drop, 32 per inventory slot

   – Energy Rounds: 16 per drop, 32 per inventory slot

   – Heavy Rounds: 7 per drop, 14 per inventory slot

   – Shotgun Rounds: 7 per drop, 28 per inventory slot

– Overall, loot density is reduced, but ammo/weapon spawn rates are increased and stack sizes are increased to offset the loot scarcity and allow players to have enough ammo to not discourage combat.

– Increased spawn rates for syringes to compensate for lower loot density.

– Reduced spawn rates for shield batteries to match rarity of armor. 




– Fixed a bug where sometimes a player’s reward would not display properly after completing a challenge that awards crafting metals.

– Fixed a bug where sometimes players would see a different rare skin equipped to the Legend they are spectating when hanging from a ledge.

– Fixed some issues related to script errors.

– [Xbox] Fixed issue where sometimes players would have issues connecting to a match at the same time as their party forcing them to join Legend Select late with Legends already locked.

– [PS4] code fixes to address crashes related to out of memory issues.

– Fixed a bug where sometimes players would still be in an out of bounds state when they are not actually out of bounds.





– New Promo Window – A new feature we’ve added to the Lobby that will display offers and info and allows for direct navigation to the website or store. 

– Added Auto Sprint feature to all platforms that can be turned on or off. This is disabled by default and can be changed in the Settings menu.

– Players can now adjust Aim Down Sight look sensitivity per optic zoom level.

– Visual improvements to Legends in the Lobby and Character Select screen

   – Increased overall brightness.

   – Softer/lighter shadows.

   – Improved reflections on hard surfaces.

   – Improved detail and contrast to textures.

– Added UI to the Spectator View that lets players easily tell if they are spectating a squadmate or enemy.

– Added setting to disable weapon auto switching when ammo runs out.




– Increased projectile width for the TripleTake

– SMG weapons are no longer compatible with the 3x HCOG and 2x-4x variable ACOG scopes.

   – Note from design: Our goal with this change is to better define weapon archetypes and improve the looting experience so that players aren’t accidentally picking up a long range site for a close range weapon that they have to manually remove.





– Wattson will now have low profile attributes [takes %5 more damage to base health]

– Reduced the maximum number of Interceptor Pylons that can be active to 1.



– Fixed an issue that allowed players to cancel the start up animation for their ultimate when activated while using a zipline.


That’s all for now. For all the latest patch notes and updates as well as tips and tricks for Apex Legends, check back early and often to Today is your day to become a champion. 

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