Apr 23

Becoming a Legend in Apex Legends!

DreamTeam welcomes a huge Apex Legends update. For those who don’t know, Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. The game received just over a million downloads within 8 hours of its release and had 50 million players within the first month. Reaching those numbers in such a short period of time has created a gap in the market for players who want to follow their stats, find teammates, etc. DreamTeam hopes to fill that gap and capture the Apex Legends market. And how can we do that? Simple. DreamTeam now offers everything an Apex Player could want in a single place: dynamic Player and Legend stats, leaderboards, wikis, news, and, coming soon, LFG. Join us as we take a closer look at each feature and discuss how they can help you become a legend.


Apex Legend Stats


Apex on DreamTeam allows Players to find the stats of any Player across all three Apex Legends platforms: PC, PS4, and Xbox. Want to invite a Player to join your squad? A quick stat check can give you the information needed to help determine if that Player usually does the knocking or is getting knocked. Console players, no need to worry. We understand you probably aren’t near a PC. Our “Apex DreamTeam: Stats, Leaderboards, Wiki, News” app is coming soon, and by soon, we mean by the end of April. You’ll be able to check stats without getting off the couch.


Important information — Apex Legends stats can only track the stats for the Legend you currently have set on your banner. Additionally, a stat can only be displayed for the stat trackers you currently have enabled for that Legend. We get it, it doesn’t seem like the best way to track stats. Unfortunately, this is how EA’s API is set up.


So what can DreamTeam do about this? In short, not much. However, we do have the ability to capture and store any stat information you’ve ever enabled a tracker for. So, you will be able to see stats across a series of trackers at the same time, even if that tracker isn’t currently enabled. Again, if you would like to update any particular stat, you must enable that stat tracker in-game and hit the “refresh” stat button.


DreamTeam Apex Profiles


You may notice that you are asked to Register or Log in. No worries, this isn’t a must in order to find stats. However, by creating a profile, you gain access to something called “dynamic stats”, a system that allows Players to see stat progression over a selected period of time. DreamTeam Apex profiles also allow Players to connect social media links. Have a YouTube page? Connect it and get more views. Love to talk Apex on discord? Link it. Boom, you’re now chatting with Players just like you.


DreamTeam Apex Legends (COMING SOON)



The DreamTeam Apex Legends section paints a picture for each Legend: overview, dynamic stats, and wiki. Find out which Legend is being used most often and read each Legend’s wiki to figure out the best strat to implement. Sometimes, pro Players are using a certain Legend for a reason.


DreamTeam Apex Leaderboards



Want to know how you stack up against some of the best Players in the world? We got ya. DreamTeam Apex Leaderboards allow Players to see who is on top in nine different categories. The leaderboards can also be filtered to display the leaders of:


– All Legends
– An individual Legend
– All platforms: PC, PS4, and Xbox
– A single platform
– Weekly or all-time (coming soon)


See who the top Players in the world main. Not having the type of success you’d hoped for? Forget about Gibraltar and try maining Octane.


DreamTeam Apex Wiki


DreamTeam Apex Wiki contains all the information you’ll ever need to become a Legend:


– Legend guides
– Gun and attachment guides
– Map and Loot location guides
– Pro Tips and Tricks


Implement the information you learn in the wiki section and watch your stats and leaderboard positions grow!


DreamTeam Apex News


Things in King’s Canyon change quickly. The DreamTeam Apex News section keeps you up-to-date with all of the need-to-know information.


– New Legends and Legend updates
– Patch notes
– Apex rumors, leaks, data mining information


DreamTeam Apex LFG (COMING SOON)



We won’t go too in-depth about the DreamTeam Apex LFG section as it won’t be released for another week or so. And when it’s released, we’ll write a separate article talking about it’s finer points. What we can tell you now is that the LFG section can be used to:


– Find a squad
– Chat with other Apex Players
– Get a quick overview of potential teammates


There you have it, the new addition to the DreamTeam family! Be sure to create a profile and start tracking your climb to the top today.

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