Jun 28

Apex Legends Season 2 Trailer revealed

What the f*&# did I just see!? The Season 2 Trailer just released for Apex Legends and things are a-changin’. The wildlife has reclaimed the land that is rightfully theirs, and it looks like they’ll have a significant impact on the way the game is played. In the trailer, we see one of the bigger beasts putting his foot down on some unfortunate players. An EMP detonation in the Repulsor Tower is causing havoc, and it’s up to us to deal with the chaos.

Certain areas of the arena have stabilized and workers are taking this opportunity to add some new features to the landscape. And we’re told that “King’s Canyon will never be the same” just before one of the Leviathans that has been nearing the shores of the arena screeches in anger.


What’s new?

New Battle Pass — We already talked about this at length in our preview here.

New Legend — Wattson is inbound and we’ve covered her a bit here.
The only really new things we saw with her were her finisher animations, which look absolutely amazing.

New Skydive Emotes — This is something that is really exciting to me. Jumping into the arena has become quite tedious so anything that might spice up that initial phase of gameplay will be a welcome addition to Apex Legends. In the trailer, they show Octane running like a maniac and Wraith pulling off a mid-air backflip. We’ve yet to see if all the legends will have similar animations or if they’ll be character-specific.

New Ranked Leagues — We have confirmation of the names of each ranked division. They’ll be called “Bronze”, “Silver”, “Gold”, “Platinum”, “Diamond”, and “Apex Predator”. Like many other games, I assume that the bell curve will skew more toward the lower end of the skill scale meaning that we’re likely to see very few players in the top tiers, especially at the very beginning.


July 2 can’t come soon enough, and I’m pumped to see which places are now accessible that were previously off limits. It looks like the devastation done to King’s Canyon may give us dozens of new places to camp, fight, scout, or whatever you might feel like doing. Check out the full trailer here.

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