Jun 24

Apex Legends Headlines Return Of Esports To X Games

After a three-year hiatus, competitive gaming is making its return to the X Games schedule. The American sports network, ESPN, has just recently announced that esports will be coming back to the X Games this year. Apex Legends players will have a chance to qualify on Saturday, June 29 and the top performers will be invited to the EXP Invitational on Aug 2-3 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Twenty three-person teams will participate in the competition with $150,000 on offer. And, this isn’t just an American event either as two qualifying teams from Europe and one from Australia/New Zealand will also be invited to the event which runs at the same time as the famed X Games. Fifteen of the top teams in the world will get direct invitations with the rest having to make their way through the qualifiers.


Digital platforms will show the tournament live and the highlights will be on ESPN’s secondary channel, ESPN2, in a special show following the event on Aug. 10 at 10 p.m. ET.

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