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Welcome to the DreamTeam Apex Legends News page Home of the latest Apex Legend updates. Find out what is happening with the Apex community, map, weapons, and Legends. Get up-to-date information on each season as it is released and news about the most recent Apex Legends patch notes. Read about the newest info and updates on the Apex Battle Pass. Learn about all of the rewards from reaching different Battle Pass levels. Be one of the first players to discover when weapons have been nerfed or buffed. Follow the Apex Legends community to learn about the newest trends and tactics. Find out when things have been added to King’s Canyon and read all of the newest rumors on when Apex is going to add an additional map. Get the newest scoop on updated Legends. Receive a heads up on when Apex is going to add new Legends. Find an Apex Legends team is coming soon!

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