Welcome to the DreamTeam Apex Legends Tracker page. Home of the Apex Legend Stats Leaderboards. See which Legend player is ranked #1 in the world, has the most kills and has dealt the most damage. Use Apex Tracker to get all Apex Legends ratings in one place. Find out how many headshots a player gets, how many matches a player has played, and more. All leaderboards contain Apex Legends Stats on Xbox, on PS4, and on PC (Windows). DreamTeam compares Apex Legends cross platform stats. Track your Apex Legends stats on all your favorite Legends. See which Legends are the most popular. DreamTeam also posts the latest news about the game. Learn about all of the new weapon updates. Find out when Apex Legends will add a new Legend. Become part of the Apex community by staying up-to-date with what is happening. Find a team on Apex Legends LFG page!

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